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open digital magazineThroughout Construction
Preview 2014, industry
leaders voiced an overall
positive outlook for the year.
Although subtly tempered
across the board by hints of
cautious stepping and an
acknowledgement that we may
still not be quite at peak levels



Be Compliant, Not Complacent

Among the top health and safety tips that we received from industry professionals on avoiding HIOSH and OSHA fines and penalties are these from the ABC's Jonathan Young:
1. "Never cut corners. No amount of cost-cutting is worth a person's life."
2. "Constantly think about safety. Safety should be your most important objective."
3. "Keep in contact with OSHA and HIOSH. They love to come and give you advice and help. Their main objective is your safe workplace."


New Center Set for KPHC


From left: Department of Health Deputy Director Lynn Fallin; Vice Speaker John Mizuno; Rep. Henry Aquino; Rep. Ty Cullen; Rep. Ryan Yamane; Sen. Suzanne Chun Oakland; Dr. Ric Custodio; Julietta Saldana, dental assistant and longest-serving employee; KPHC Board Secretary Louise Li; KPHC Board Member Clifford Chang; KPHC Board President Vernon Nakamura; and KPHC CEO/Executive Director Dr. Emmanuel Kintu

The Kalihi-Palama Health Center (KPHC) has begun construction on its new $9 million center for comprehensive women and children's health programs. The general contractor is Robert M. Kaya Builders.
A ground blessing ceremony on Feb. 20 also honored the work of the late Loretta Fuddy, director of the State Department of Health, with a grant from the Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation in honor of her legacy.
Serving more than 20,000 patients annually, KPHC is a provider of health and social services to patients who typically face significant barriers to health care access.


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Plans Room - Al Rivera
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Invitation To Bid

Project: Kamamalu Building Renovation
Description: Work generally consists of selective demolition, hazardous materials abatement, site improvements, interior and exterior renovations, air conditioning & ventilation, geared traction elevator modernization, etc.

Estimated Cost: Over $10 Million

Low Bid

Project: NDWP Widen Taxilanes G & L Phase I at Honolulu Intl. Airport
Amount: $42,712,000.00
Low Bidder: Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co. Inc.

Contract Awarded

Project: Wist-Everly Hall, Repair/Replace Air Conditioning System, UH
Amount: $3,768,083.00
Contractor: American Piping & Boiler Co.

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